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Recently Purchased: Woolrich Woolen Mills FW12 Captoe Boot, Designed by Mark McNairy

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Feels like I’m on fire.

karma kid is growing up!
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blood orange.

because i think devonté hynes is a weird, obscure musical&artistic genius. it’s like he’s prince but not as good. and because if i had actually bothered to make a top albums of 2013 list his CUPID DELUXE would be #1.

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Hello World!

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This collaboration is probably one of my favorite things of this summer

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Mt.Kimbieeeeeeeeee tribal dance

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FRIDEE!!! sunny day in seattle, got this on blast, gonna go strut through the city streets.

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Trouble by Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs (2012)

so excited to see this man again. but this time at the Gorge!

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Too long since my last squid post.

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